This woman is a powerhouse. Jane West started building her brand only to be met with obstacle after obstacle. Jane’s passion for cannabis helped her work around these complications to grow one of the leading cannabis lifestyle brands. 

In 2013 Jane started hosting cannabis friendly cocktails parties in Denver. These parties pushed the boundaries of legal social consumption, leading to a SWAT team shutting down her 4/20 brunch in 2014. Jane was asked to resign from her corporate event manager job. 

It was time to PIVOT! Jane created Women Grow. Women Grow serves as a catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a global scale. After two years dedicated to building Women Grow, she set off on her own in 2016 to start a first of its kind company making glassware and accessories for flower lovers like her. 

Since then Jane has positioned herself as an expert in the Cannabis Industry. Jane West is the CEO of the Lifestyle brand, where she develops hemp-derived CBD products, accessories, and home goods that enable new consumers to experience the benefits of CBD. Better With Jane is solely committed to providing high quality, third-party tested, and sustainably produced CBD products.

Speaking up and going against the norms is never easy in any industry but Jane has proven if you stay diligent and true to yourself you can build a brand that is well-respected while navigating uncharted territory.