It doesn’t take long to realize where Inspiro Tequila got its name from. This brand is truly inspiring and quite delicious, I might add. 


I got to speak to Mara Smith early this month about her brand. Inspiro Tequila was started in 2020 after not being able to find an additive-free tequila that fit into her active lifestyle. It makes perfect sense to me that Mara is a former attorney. I’ve said over and over again that the beverage industry is not for the faint at heart. 


This brand embodies female empowerment with master distiller Ana María Romero Mena to the females getting their brand on the shelves. I actually came across Inspiro Purple Bicycle Project while searching for grants for female entrepreneurs. I learned that it was created to financially support and mentor female founders enabling them to get started, manage the bumps along the way, and move forward to follow their dreams. Even writing that sentence gives me goosebumps.

While chatting with Mara we talked about what markets she is aiming for after Illinois, what kinds of events she likes to support, obstacles in the industry, and why she started the brand. This brand may be young, but I can tell you with a leader like Mara we will continue to see this brand for years to come. 


Remember supporting women-owned brands is not just about buying the bottle of tequila. It’s about sharing their posts, requesting their brand at your favorite place to shop, telling your friends, and believing in the quality of their products.