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Event Production

Impress your guests with a corporate event that goes above and beyond. Our comprehensive event services offer unique activations that leave a lasting impression, exclusive sponsors that align with your company’s mission, and unforgettable entertainment that keeps guests engaged. Our vendors provide gourmet food and beverage options that are sure to satisfy any craving. And when it comes to design, we bring your vision to life with stunning and impactful visual experiences. From start to finish, we’ll help you create a corporate event that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations.

Pick Your Path Below:

Event Production Package

Every event is unique, and the deliverables will be unique with it, as a rule of thumb, these are the areas we typically provide support in. We come up with a unique strategy and plan based on your goals and adjust deliverables accordingly.

1-Hour Strategy Call

Written Strategy Plan for Event Execution

Voxer (Access to Voxer)

10-20 Hours of planning a month, depending on client needs

Sponsorship Fulfillment

You have sold all of your sponsorships, booked all of the talent, sold all of the tickets, scheduled all of the vendors, decided on decor, and now it’s time for the day of your event. You are a one-trick pony, and you can’t be everywhere you need to be. I got you! My team and I have experience with just about any event scenario.

PRICE: $3,000

Onsite Fulfillment Team

Post Event Reporting

Activation Development


Sponsorship Advance

Sponsorship Programs

A monthly retainer offer to do brand outreach and handle and organize all inquiries for sponsorships on your behalf.

PRICE: $1,500 monthly

1-Hour Strategy Call

Negotiations, Contracts, and Invoices for Sponsors

Creation and Up Keep of Pitch Deck

Handle and Organize all inquiries for sponsorships on your behalf

Brand Outreach (40 Outreach Emails)

Will add on Vendor Management for an additional fee

How it Works

Getting Started

Schedule a 15 minute call to explain your project.

Custom Proposal

Receive a proposal with pricing within 5 days.

Contract & Invoice

Once Proposal is approved, We will send the contract and invoice.


Next, we will Send intake forms and get started.

Experiences Shared by Past Clients

Meet Your Production Team

With over 50 years of combined brand partnership and event production experience, our team has sold over 4 million dollars in partnerships to happy customers. We prioritize learning and make sure to stay ahead of the curve on the industries newest technology and trends to provide our clients the edge they need to make their partnership and relationship last beyond any event. When you work with us, we put ourselves in your shoes and provide problem-solving strategies that lead to great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we not work with?
  • Events looking to have sponsorships fully fund their event.
  • Business Owners that struggle to let go of control. ( You are looking to hire someone for a reason. Let them do what they do best)
  • Clients looking to micro-manage my team
  • Commission Only Clients. We do not work for free on your passion projects.
Do you work with small events?

Absolutely! Sometimes small events can bring more value to a brand. I can teach you how to find in-kind sponsors and create an event that can be monetized with sponsorships.

Can you sell sponsorships for me, for commission only?

We charge a monthly retainer fee. There are countless amount of hours that go into finding the right sponsors for any event.

We are not sponsorship brokers. We offer way more than just selling sponsorships for an event.

Do you work with local events?

This is how I got my start many, many years ago, but I no longer work with this structure.

I have grown my brand network, and most importantly, I have continued to grow and learn how to monetize events with sponsorships.

I create entire sponsorships programs that your team can go out and sell.

I offer sponsorship strategy consulting, teaching your event planner where to find sponsors for your next event.

Who do we work with?

We work with multiple types of clients.

We work with brands/companies looking to build a sponsorship strategy for the events they decide to sponsor.

We help local events learn how to create sponsorship packages that local companies want to buy.

We teach musicians/influencers how to manage the incoming brand partnerships they receive to stay true to themselves and monetize the partnerships for both sides.

We work with large-scale events to build their entire sponsorship department.

We work with female entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their events with brand collaborations and partnerships.

We work with Sponsorship Brokers who need help creating value sponsorship packages.

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Client comfort is my priority. If you have some extra questions or want more confirmation and individualized support, let’s meet up for a one-on-one call to compose your perfect solution. You can use the button below to schedule a time to meet-up.

Tracy Gafford

Graphic Extraordinaire

Tracy Gafford is a self-created graphic design artist and entrepreneur hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a focus on branding and growth, Tracy ventured into the world of design to not only support her children but also escape the monotonous sales industry where she thrived for over 15 years. Her passion for graphic design, art, branding, growth, and the reasons behind it drive her creative pursuits.

Outside of work, Tracy is a loving mother of two and finds joy in various activities. She has a green thumb and loves to spend time gardening. On top of that, she has an adventurous side you can often catch her driving her hot rod 42’ Ford or riding her BMX downtown, embracing the historical streets of Tulsa. Tracy is an avid fan of local live music shows, immersing herself in the vibrant music scene in Tulsa.

Tracy’s expertise lies in creating visually captivating designs that help businesses establish their unique identities and propel their growth. With her innovative approach and dedication to her craft, Tracy has become a respected figure in the field. Whether it’s designing compelling logos, eye-catching merchandise, or engaging marketing materials, Tracy Gafford transforms ideas into impactful visual solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Brandie Weaver

Founder and Head Strategist

Once upon a time, I was a 25-year-old driven, hungry female sitting behind a desk in an alcohol distributor office. I answered a craigslist ad (Yes! This was a way of life for us entrepreneurs at the time) for someone who needed an event coordinator and a sponsorship salesperson.

I had been planning parties since I was 15 years old and I had a marketing degree so I convinced him I was the woman for the job.  This is how my “side hustle” began. I had never sold a sponsorship in my life, but I knew I worked at the liquor company so I had an edge over most people. 

I dove in! I mean I really dove in and taught myself everything I could about sponsorships. At that time there really wasn’t a ton of information out there. I researched packages for hours on hours trying to come up with the most creative packages I could. 

Little did I know that creating the packages was just the beginning of my long uphill battle. I spent ten years independently selling sponsorships at the local and national level for a professional boxing and MMA company. I did this while working full-time in the alcohol industry, getting an MBA, and partying like a rockstar! 

In 2017 I saw a Facebook Post looking for an intern to work at a music festival. My first love has always been music so I responded to that post and continued to follow up until I got the meeting. I obtained the opportunity to work on my first music festival in Key West selling sponsorships.  I was working full time selling liquor at a liquor wholesaler, selling pro boxing and MMA sponsorships, and now I was finally selling something I was truly passionate about.

I left the liquor company and started my own consulting company in 2018. Fast forward to today my team and I have sold over 4 million dollars in sponsorships for events and individuals. We have produced over 40 events for brands, companies, festivals, and musicians.  I have built my brand on doing honest deals and creating intimate experiences that BUILD RELATIONSHIPS that LAST!