Frequently Asked Questions


Can you sell sponsorships for me, for commission only?

I charge a monthly retainer fee. There are countless amount of hours that go into finding the right sponsors for any event.

I am not a sponsorship broker. I offer way more than just selling sponsorships for an event. 

Who do you work with?

 I work with multiple types of clients.

I work with brands/companies looking to build a sponsorship strategy for the events they decide to sponsor.

I help local events learn how to create sponsorship packages that local companies want to buy.

I teach influencers how to manage the incoming brand partnerships they receive to stay true to themselves and monetize the partnerships for both sides.

I work with large-scale events to build their entire sponsorship department.

I work with female entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their events with brand collaborations and partnerships.

I work with Sponsorship Brokers that need help creating sponsorship packages that bring value. 

What kind of packages do you offer?

  • Non- Profit Consulting Package
  • Local Sponsorship Roadmap
  • Brand Event Strategy
  • Live Event Production
  • Sponsorship Management for Influencers and Companies
  • Event Planning
  • Sponsorship Broker Coaching
  • Custom Packages

Do you work with local event?

This is how I got my start many, many years ago, but I no longer work with this structure.

I have grown my brand network, and most importantly, I have continued to grow and learn how to monetize events with sponsorships.

I create entire sponsorships programs that your team can go out and sell.

I offer sponsorship strategy consulting, teaching your event planner where to find sponsors for your next event.

Do you work with small events?

Absolutely! Sometimes small events can bring more value to a brand. I can teach you how to find in-kind sponsors and create an event that can be monetized with sponsorships. 

How Do I Get Started?

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