Women-Owned Brands

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My Favorite Women Owned Brands

Welcome to my new bi-weekly post featuring one of my favorite Women-Owned Brands. 


This is week is Bev Wines! Bev is owned by Alix Peabody. Bev wine is a zero-sugar canned wine. Alix founded Bev in 2017 and recently got a large distribution deal with E&J Gallo so I’m sure we are all about to see this wine everywhere! Glitz (sparkling wine) is by far my favorite! While in Austin I got to try the Rose frozen and OMG it’s amazing!  I love the taste it’s not too sweet and not too dry it’s pretty much perfect! 


The wine is great but what Alix stands for is even better. You will find MADE BY CHICKS on every can.  Bev is a brand that promotes female empowerment in business and beyond. from their female winemaker to their female CEO & founder, Bev is a brand that fully embodies this mantra. Bev was also on Forbes’s list of America’s best startup employers which is impressive only being a four-year-old company!  


Bev does a ton of direct-to-consumer business and there is no doubt that Covid helped push those sales. One item you can find on their website that I absolutely love as a gift-giver is the 24-pack called Ladies Night! It comes in a cute box with their 3 flagship varietals Gris, Blanc, and Rose. It is a perfect gift for your bad-ass girl gang!