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Serving Producers, Brands and Entrepreneurs through consulting, coaching and done-for-you services.

Helping you ditch the cookie cutter approach and get ahead of the curve with customized proven strategies so you can work with your dream brands and explode your visibility!

I know you’re ready to grow your business and love every second of the journey.

Meet Brandie

Event and Brand Partnership Expert

The influencer partnership industry will reach 16.4 billion by the end of this year. The North American event sponsor industry is expected to hit $ 322.18 billion in 2022. Needless to say, it is cutthroat out there when you are selling your event or brand to brands for sponsorships and collaborations. Working with me will ensure you have a plan in place to build lasting relationships. 

I have spent 15 years learning what works and what simply doesn’t in this industry. You have to be ready to set your company and personal brand apart from all of the competition. 


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Elevate your event or brand ↓


Quit writing unproductive pitch emails, stop with generic sponsorship packages, and learn what brands are really looking for. I work with each client to tailor packages based on your needs. 

How to secure sponsorships for your events

Learn all about my sponsorship strategies….step by step

I monetize sponsorship/event programs in a way that large corporations can’t. When you are a smaller event and don’t have budgets for the largest headliners on the planet you have to provide value to brands in a creative way. Working with me will ensure you learn and use these methods that will grab the attention of the brands and companies you are looking to partner with. You can download a step-by-step guide to securing sponsorships at any level!